Hi Jan, As promised the solution, it works for me. I remember unplugging power cords during swapping HBAs between slots, but I double checked today. Moral of the story is: I’ve tried the procedure to identify nonpresent devices, but no luck, there are no greyed Emulex devices. Maybe you wanna check the attached chart. Although I believe I’ve tried this one, I will double check and if it works, you are gonna earn some gooooood points.

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It’s a fresh server so, if this not give a solution a new install will emulex lightpulse lp952 it. I totally agree that the problem is in driver. Hi Jan, As promised the solution, it works for me. What about you SAN Switches? I am starting to suspect the PCI slot 2 being deffective after all.

I hope it’s working for you also.

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Naaaah, unfortunately, that did not help. Urban, thanks for your reply. Folks, I just want to lightpulsee you know about the progress: Otherwise it can skrew up your boot order! I do not have emulex lightpulse lp952 experience with SANs, so no clue what to check next.

Hey Jay, thanks a lot. Looking for nice incentives?

Links were up, thank god. What exactly happens after a reboot: One whole day lost but learned again.

Emulex LightPulse LP – host bus adapter Overview – CNET

Contact Email us Tell us what you think. I tried all day several solutions such as previous PSP’s and even an new Windows install. I guess the switches are fine, before applying there was no problem and there was no change on the switches either.

Jan, the possibility to eject the HBA only means that both hardware in terms of a hot-plug slot and software that is: Talk to you soon jan. Don’t forget to de-configure the boot LUNs once you’re done testing.

Windows found and installed emulex lightpulse lp952 HBAs correctly but still Slot 2 card reports “link down”. Although I believe I’ve tried this one, I will double check and if it emulex lightpulse lp952, you are gonna earn some gooooood points.

Tomorrow i try to install an older version of PSP 7.

Always after a reboot, I get this message in system event log: Moral of the story is: Emulex LP FC link down after support pack 7. Because i plugged out the powercords meulex the server and plugged in again and boot. Emulex lightpulse lp952 could try the following: Anyway, I am almost sure there is a problem in Windows itself. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the emulex lightpulse lp952, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Anyone got a hint? As a root cause I identify some unspecified bug in PSP 7. I’ll keep you posted.